Salty Dog Crisps(1 Box)

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Salty Dog Crips

1 Box = 30 bags (40g each)

It’s the extra love and care that we lavish upon our pedigree potatoes that allows them to stand out from the crowd. We believe a pampered potato is a happy potato, so every spud has a relaxing rubdown before being diligently dunked in soothing sunflower oil, with its jacket left on. It’s now the turn of our expert fryers to hand-cook our plucky potatoes to crunchy perfection. Lastly, our special feisty seasonings are massaged in to complete these deliciously tasty crisps.

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Strong Cheddar & Onion, Sweet Chilly, Spicy Chorizo, Ham & Wholegrain Mustard, Roasted Jalapeno, Sea salt & Malt Vinegar, Sea Salt, Flame Grilled Steak, Sea Salt and Black Pepper